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Pre-Symposium Workshop - LGBTQ Sports Inclusion Workshop

Sport North
Feb 24, 2017
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM



LGBTQ Sports Inclusion Workshop
Safer & Accepting Schools

Full-day workshops for educators, administrators, coaches, athletes, and members of the school and sports communities to create safer and more accepting environments in schools and sports settings

101 Workshop Overview

Welcome and Introductions

Our workshop begins by giving participants an opportunity to share their “Cheers, Fears, and Unclears” about creating safer and accepting schools for all students. Facilitators introduce the workshop agenda and establish discussion guidelines for the day.

Section 1: What the LGBTQ?

An energetic review of basic language and definitions is facilitated to increase the comfort level of participants in using language related to the LGBTQ+ acronym, as well as an introduction to how societal ideas about identity have changed over time, particularly in sports contexts and as athletes, coaches and people in support roles in sports. Participants will be able to identify some of the socially constructed challenges in their communities, particularly in sports and begin to think about ways to challenge those barriers, this includes exploring specific examples on policies of eligibility to play in sports.

Section 2: Identity – It’s Marvelously Complex!

Participants are introduced to four independent categories of human identity: sex/assigned sex, gender identity, gender expression, and attraction (sexual orientation) through a variety of interactive small and large group activities. Participants also have an opportunity to explore the importance of access to LGBTQ+ terminology, and the impacts of exclusionary school spaces on students’ achievement and well-being. Examples of how these identity categories are relevant to sporting contexts will be explored.

Section 3: A Whole Rainbow of Experiences

Through a series of activities, participants interact with the incredible diversity present in LGBTQ+ communities, and how that diversity is connected to diverse experiences and needs. Facilitators then guide participants to a basic understanding of the concepts of social location, intersectionality, and the importance of recognizing all of the aspects of students and athletes’ identities in the creation of safer schools and sports contexts.

Section 4: Tools for Change

Participants learn about a variety of practical tools for taking action within their school community, including the value of anti-homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia policies, pronoun best practices, and strategies for practicing life-long allyship.

Wrap up and Follow-up

Participants identify future opportunities for learning and receive a package of LGBTQ+ inclusion materials for their classroom, schools and sports environments. Those who are interested in getting involved with the One Team ambassador program will have the opportunity to have conversations with the facilitators on what they can do as ambassadors in their communities. Participants are also given the facilitation team’s contact information and are encouraged to reach out should they need additional resources or one-on-one coaching support.  

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