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About Us

Sport North was incorporated in October 1976 to assist in the promotion and development of amateur sport in the Northwest Territories.

Our Mission: Sport North represents the Territorial Sport Organizations of the Northwest Territories. We are dedicated to the development of sport at every level of participation in the Northwest Territories.

Our Vision: Sport North Federation will be the recognized leader in sport development and will ensure that opportunities in sport, based on fair play, are accessible to all residents of the NWT.

Our Logo: The Sport North Federation Logo has two symbolic northern figures joined by a single head to indicate the unity of the Territorial Sport  Organizations within Sport North. The bottom figure is running with lifted arms, representing speed and strength. The top figure is balancing, representing co-ordination and agility. These are the four athletic qualities needed to participate in sport.

Sport North and its member organizations meet twice per year; Annual General Meeting (May) and the Sport Forum (November).